We sell better shock than the mass merchant for less money!!!!!

Theirs is 47% and 53% available chlorine sells for $2.15 to $2.57 and up for 1lb.

We sell 65% and 70% minimum available chlorine for $2.25 and $2.75 for 1lb bags.

 We offer free computer water testing for our customers we can test chlorine, bromine, phmb (Baqua, Clear Comfort, etc.), ph, alkalinity, calcium hardness, Cyanuric acid (stabilizer), copper, and iron.  For pool or hot tubs.

We have GLB as our main pool water care line Pool Season is our lower cost line of water care products.  Rendezous is our bromine line of water care for the hot tub.

We also stock Clear Comfort for the pool no chlorine, no bromine, and Leisure Time Free for hot tub it too is chlorine and bromine free.

Don't have time to clean and vac your pool let a Aqua product do it for you.  We can get cleaners for aboveground to the largest commercial pool.



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