Q. Why does only one of the heaterís fan run after I first turn it on?
The heater will take a few minutes to warm up before fan turn on. Once the heater is warmed up, you will hear fan turn on.

Q. Why is my heater still running after I have turned it off?
You will hear the heaterís fans running after you have turned the power offóthis is to allow the heater to cool down, protecting the unitís components from overheating. Please take care to not unplug the heater while it is in operation and running the cool-down cycle.

Q. Can I use the heater to heat multiple rooms at the same time?
The heating will depend upon your floor plan and room size. Ceiling fans will help move heat. Placing the heater in a central location will also help move heat between rooms.

Q. Will my heater work in damp or moist areas?
Using the heater in a damp or moist area such as a bathroom, pool area, or sauna room is not recommended. Although the heater is designed to work effectively with natural humidity, we suggest you keep the heater away from areas that accumulate moisture.

Q. Will my heater work in areas without insulation?
The heater will work in garages, basements and unfinished rooms. However, please bear in mind that the effectiveness of your heater depends on how well the area is sealed and insulated. As with any heater, the better that an area is sealed and insulated, the better a heater will be able to operate efficiently and effectively.

Q. Why is my heaterís display showing only a line of dots?
The heater is in a screen saver mode. Your heater will activate the heat cycle automatically when the temperature of the room falls below the temperature you set. The heater will also come out of screen saver mode when any button is pressed on the Control Panel. Screen Saver mode does not affect normal operation.

Q. Can I use multiple heaters in an area?
Depending upon the size of the area, you may wish to use multiple heaters. However, each heater must plug into an independent 15amp or greater circuit.

Q. How does the Comfort Furnace Infrared Heater save me money?
The patented quartz heating element design converts electricity into heat more efficiently than any other known electric heating method. Additionally, the heaters maximize the zoned-heating method. Zoned-heating allows you to heat the areas used most frequently, and saves energy by not heating less frequently used areas. This heating method provides the ability to save up to 50% on your heating bill compared to other heating methods such as central heating systems that use traditional heat pumps.


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