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Water Care

    We are located at 1002 West Clay Ave, Hwy 116, Plattsburg, Mo. 64477. We can be reached at 816-53WATER.
    We are a family owned store where customer satisfaction and service are our priorities. We felt there is a need for a specialty store of this type in the area, rather than driving 30 to 50 miles to K. C. or St. Joe. We can offer all the same types of products and some of the same name brands at the same or a lower cost to you.
We carry a full line of GLB water care products, as well as Pool Season for the pool it's a quality water care product at a lower cost, Rendezvous for the hot tub.  Clear Comfort for the pool and Leisure Time Free for the hot tub, these are non chlorine and non bromine.   A full line of inSparation fragrance for hot tub, bath, pool. We offer water testing to our customers, we feel if you walk though our doors you are a customer even if you don't buy anything this trip in.
    Beachcomber Hot Tubs are our premier line of hot tubs. We spent months looking at and researching what brand of hot tub to carry. After seeing Beachcomber and what they have to offer. We talked to Beachcomber corporate then talked to dealers in the Midwest about them for quality and reliability. The choice was clear a Beachcomber was the hot tub for "our backyard".
    We carry Outback aboveground swimming pools.  We are a Splash Super Pool Dealer.
    Cedrus Sauna's is our choice for a quality cedar sauna with most of it produced in the USA. This is dry heat with infrared heaters they produce a deeper heat at lower temps than a steam sauna.
We can get parts for most hot tubs made from replacement covers, filters, jets, pumps, controls and heaters. Replacement parts and add on's for in ground or aboveground pools; pumps, filters, heaters, solar and winter covers, salt chlorine generators, pool cleaners, lighting, games, toys, floats and many more parts and accessories.

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